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Welcome to IndiaTopSites, the best ranking system. To be ranked on the our ranking system, you must first read and agree to abide by the following rules. Your account will be activated as soon as you add the provided HTML code to your page.

  • You cannot create an account for a site that contains adult content. This includes sites with links to adult (XXX) sites, banner advertisements promoting adult sites, or sites that contain popup consoles that promote adult sites. Sites that do not comply with our non-adult content rules will be removed. If your site name or domain name contains any offensive, illegal, or adult words, your site will be removed from our ranking system.
  • The URL displayed on the our ranking system must point to the page where you inserted our HTML code. The URL must point to your site and not to someone else's site.
  • You must not change our HTML code. Do not reduce or change the width or height of the logo, change the URL, etc. We may inspect your site to ensure you have the correct code.
  • If you falsely generate hits to your page, your account will be terminated. This includes hidden frame, blind link etc. (pop up is fine, as long it opens in a full window)
  • If your site does not receive any hits for one month, your site will be removed from our ranking system. The votes resets every month, so you need ONE vote every month to be listed on our ranking system.
  • We reserve the right at any time, without notice, to change these rules, remove any site, or terminate or lock any account.
  • Your email address will be automatically added to our members newsletter (Mailing list).
  • Your banner must be 468*60.
IndiaTopSites -- ranking system is completely independent of the websites listed. We will show no favouritism to any site on our ranking system. We will not change the counting procedures for any single site.

If you read and agree with our rules, select a category to join below.

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